Elizabeth Patterson


‘From the beginning of my obsession with drawing, I have been fascinated by transformational qualities of light and distance. Whether I am studying a large body of water shot through with sunlight or rain on a car windshield reflecting the glimmer of adjacent neon signs, I am always looking to catch the mystery of these completely real distortions.’ Elizabeth Patterson says.

I remember sitting in the backseat of my parents car as a child, squinting my eyes and watching raindrops race across the window. Letting everything become all blurry and focusing back and forth between the wet and rainy outside and the dry and warm inside of the car making up all kind of stories and drifting between imaginary worlds. These distortions make Elizabeth Patterson’s work so interesting. She manages to capture very brief and unique moments, ‘always looking to catch the mystery of these completely real distortions’, playing with an emotional quality suggested by water, a solitary vantage point for her and constantly shifting colors and distances in the landscapes.

All images © Elizabeth Patterson | Via: designboom

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