Kate MccGwire


Kate MccGwire ‘gathers, collates, re-uses, layers, peels, burns, reveals, locates, questions, duplicates, plays and photographs’. Her works are ususally made of feathers that become organic masses and take over entire gallery spaces. She describes her works as ‘both sensual and deviant in equal measure’ and she aims to appeal to our essential dualities as humans, such as our senses and our reason.

MccGwire is using materials capable of embodying a dichotomous way of seeing, feeling and thinking, while the finished works carry a consistent ‘otherness’.

All images © Tessa Angus

kate_mccuire01kate_mccuire02kate_mccuire03kate_mccuire04kate_mccuire05kate_mccuire06kate_mccuire07kate_mccuire10kate_mccuire11kate_mccuire12kate_mccuire13Kate MccGwire Sculpture
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