The Edge


Signe Emma and Alice Young are both Graphic Design & Photography graduates from Kingston University in London. They collaborated on the project ‘The Edge’, which has a creative focus on the troublesome economic situation in the euro zone. Their work, is an incredible blend of creativity and artistry, a beautiful combination of vision and talent.

But perhaps the most interesting is their choice of subject, which interferes with some sort of narrative on a social issue.
As the Euro is on the edge of a collapse, the two graduates decided to demonstrate its effect by using 100 sheets of white layered AO paper and then, cuting out each country in the Eurozone. Thus they created a map of the countries within the euro zone in order to represent the edge of collapse – visualising the current status quo. The isolation of this economy is ultimately the curse of its existence as expressed through each layer and finally to the last, where none of the edges of the countries are cut out. An almost transparent euro symbol in the top left hand corner is screen printed and serves to express the idea of weakness of the currency.

All images © Emma Signe and Alice Young

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