Artist Mimi O Chun Creates Hipster Artisan Goods Out Of Plush


Designer and artist Mimi O Chun creates soft sculpture replicas of iconic artisan goods: A cup of coffee with latte art, a pot of succulents or some Mast Brothers chocolate bars – all made of plush, the series ‘Stuffed Hipster Emblems’ focuses on the certain cult that surrounds specific items in our daily lives. Based in San Francisco, her works stem from the observation of ourselves and the world we live in.

And while she’s a big fan of the makers and craftsmen movement, Mimi O Chun describes her art and way of seeing the world as follows: “Watching the meteoric rise of the local artisanal movement has given way to a tempest of conflicting reactions within — at times, reverence, at others, amusement, and on the rare occasion, perhaps a bit of eye-rolling. […] My hope is that these cotton-filled instantiations will function as a mirror to the times and the cultural economies built around craft.”

All images © Mimi O Chun | Via: Designtaxi

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