The Cylinder House By Town And Concrete


Paris-based art director and architect Cyril Lancelin creates residential constructions with a twist. His architectural studio ‘Town and Concrete’ focuses on habitats and their boundaries, often exploring the potential of repeated forms and unconventional architectural structures. The ‘Cylinder House’ is situated on the outskirts of Lyon, nestled into woodland and presenting a striking contrast to the natural environment. Comprised of clustered cylindrical shapes, the residence’s perimeter is formed through glass-core tubes constructed at varying heights, creating partitions and walkways in the otherwise open-plan space. The see-through glass exterior and absence of defined corridors forms an invitation for the outside environment within the house. In an official statement about the residence, Lancelin explains, “this system of cylinder juxtaposition allows to enlarge the house but also to have a blurred outer delimitation of the house with its context.”

All images © Town and Concrete

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