Michael Johansson


Here is one for those who are struggling with any OCD syndromes or moments! Beknownst Michael Johansson is a passionate artist devote to all things ordinary and organized neatly. What will propably take your eyes snap to his work is the same obsessive compulsive elegance.

There are piles of storages, furniture and some cutlery amonst them beyond, all together grouped like one object and in a strange manner resulted into an artwork. Fascinated by assembling objects from model kits as a child, Johansson transforms everyday objects into models of themselves. Displaying their function, while taking away their functionality, his work offers an artistic commentary on today’s ways of living: Organization is perhaps a way to control the world around us, however, if we start obey in a creative cosmic order we would understand the world better and we would live happier.

All images © Michael Johansson

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