Animal Kingdom by Kate Bergin


Kate Bergin is an Australian artist, who works within the still life genre creating paintings that take their inspiration from a wide range of sources including Nicholas Nassim Taleb’s, ‘Black Swan’ and the idea of expecting the unexpected through to Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.

In Bergin’s paintings the animals have come to life, no longer basic hunted food displays/offerings or trophies they now gather on the tabletop as un-still lives. Wild, exotic and everyday animals and objects coming together in the domestic setting. Some appear at ease, some bemused and others look as if they have to perform extraordinary tasks just to be noticed.
The paintings almost always include the black ‘film noir’ telephone, who’s dial reads, Ext 174 In Case of Emergency Dial 170 suggesting, like all good fairy-tales and all seemingly happy domestic settings, that there may be some underlying menace.

All images © Kate Bergin

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