Underwater Sculptures


Forlane 6 Studio is a duo of two artists named Hortense Le Calvez and his partner Mathieu Goussin. They create sculptures and installations that take place under the sea. They intend to question and imagine how organic shapes and man-made ones could merge and cohabit when positioned in the context of a foreign, uninhabited space.

For their installations they use familiar objects and materials that refer to the present, but they could also be the remains of a post-human age. Photography captures these illusive scenes in which the sculpture merges with its suspended surrounding. ‘The frontier between reality and fantasy is blurred when facing this world far beyond our understanding that has always been a source of legends and fears.’

All images © Forlane 6 Studio

Blow Dry01Blow Dry02Blow Dry03Blow Dry04Blow Dry05Blow Dry06
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