Nostalgic Illustrations By Hollis Brown Thornton


South Carolina-based artist and illustrator Hollis Brown Thornton creates drawings that depict now-obsolete technology of decades past, including cassette tapes, VCR tapes, floppy disks and old video games. Using permanent markers, which means that there is little margin for error, he creates nostalgia-inducing drawings of these defunct tech products, often stacked up and packed together to create mesmerizingly colorful compositions. We can still remember that the drawers in our childhood homes used to look a lot likes this. The striking illustrations are available as prints here.

All images © /Hollis Brown Thornton | Via: Design Taxi

Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_01Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_02Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_03Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_04Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_05Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_06Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_07Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_08Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_09Hollis Brown Thornton_Markers_10
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