Artist Jakub Geltner Installs Surveillance Cameras In Public Spaces


Czech artist Jakub Geltner installs sculptures of surveillance cameras into public spaces. As an “intervention into the very character of a city”, he’s been working on the ‘Nest’ project since 2011. Living and working in Prague, he created his first installation directly in the center of the city, perfectly assimilating into the surrounding architecture and design of the contemporary urban landscape. From then on, his sculptures turned up in places like a former elementary school, a palace and even on the facade of a church. His latest public space installation, Nest No. 5, features a sculpture of surveillance cameras by the sea.

A graduate of fine arts, he says about his project: “The growth process of a nest on the facades of buildings or in different urban spaces can be implemented as a congestion point or as a starting point of an infection.”

All images © Jakub Geltner | Via: Zeutch

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