Bus Stop


Living in a big city like Berlin, you rely on the public transport system, where we spend a lot of time waiting. Every few minutes of the day, in every capital all over the world, people gather into small groups to share the same space for some moments.

Waiting on bus or train stations, listening to music, reading, observing people, a routine and nothing special, but not for Richard Hooker.

In his series ‘Bus Stop’ he painted a society portrait of London’s dizzing diversity, all waiting for the bus to come. Richard spent four years photographing the city’s amazing socio-cultural phenomenon and provides a little insight into how people relate to their surroundings and to each other. It’s a vanishing moment, that will never be repeated and only due to the framing of the camera and after some years, we might see the extra value. It’s about the little moments which happen spontaneously when people meet completely by chance. In his words: ‘In transient, with time to kill, and often amongst strangers, each collection of these individuals proves completely unique from the next. The way people take ownership of the space, how they congregate, is often better than anything an art director or photographer could ever deliberately replicate. These unlikely compositions bare similarity to the humanist scenes depicted by painters from the Renaissance era’ .

All images © Richard Hooker | Via: It’s nice that

bus_stop_01bus_stop_02bus_stop_0374708 Bus Stop J Serving routes: 236bus_stop_05bus_stop_06bus_stop_08bus_stop_09bus_stop_10bus_stop_18
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