Skate Park House


The ‘Skate Park House’ by Level Architects has one special feature; there is a skateboard park and a piano rehearsal room in the cellar. The owners of this house, a young married couple, made this special request to reflect their own individual interests. And we can not help but picture her playing the piano while he is jumping up and down the ramp (or maybe the other way around).

The sliding glass panels of the first floor open up onto this enclosed area and allows for the workshop and studio to expand outwards. The studio has a skateboard bowl imbedded into the floor with multiple angles for plenty of different interaction. The piano room, located at the back of the studio, is raised about 2 feet from the ground to help with the sound-proofing of the room as well as creating an inherent stage performance space. To connect the spaces throughout the entire house the architects tried to have light be present throughout the entire residence. So they installed a large light fixture into the ceiling of the staircase, flooding it with light which not only spills onto all the different levels, but reaches all the way to the first floor as well. The balcony, imagined as an interior garden, is not seen as a transition space, but more a space for pause, in conjunction with the bathroom or the bedroom.

All images © Level Architects

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