Benedikt Partenheimer is a photographer living in Berlin, Germany. You can feel his background in philosophy when he refers to Immanuel Kant’s interpretation of time and space as a ‘fundamental abstract conceptual framework’.

Partenheimer says they enable our perception of the world and are part of those subjective human conditions of knowledge, which bestow sensation with awareness.

The images from his series ‘Turnaround’, a long-term project exceeding 2012, deal with the relationship between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ space. Displayed are ‘portraits’, which involve people from different generations who belong to a wide range of a cultural context. Loosely inspired by the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and contrary to the conventional portrait, the person is photographed from behind. Thus the beholder follows the line of sight of the artist ‘looking into the world’ with the portrayed person. The series addresses contemporary perception within the context of portraiture and establishes new and different positions for interpretation and imagination. The series examines external appearance and inner experience – the ambivalence of space.

All images © Benedikt Partenheimer

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