Constructed Reflections By KangHee Kim

Brooklyn-based photographer KangHee Kim’s ‘Mirror’ series came about after she started carrying a small mirror in her bag everywhere she went. Taken in New York, LA and Colorado, the series depicts constructed reflections of saturated, graphic scenes, laced with a touch of surprise and visual delight. Speaking about the project, Kim says, “[The mirror’s] reflective nature has created a whole realm of possibilities within each image I constructed. If you see the world in a slightly different perspective – both literally and metaphorically – you find the small pleasures of observing everyday life.”

kanghee-kim_photography_001 kanghee-kim_photography_002 kanghee-kim_photography_003 kanghee-kim_photography_004 kanghee-kim_photography_005 kanghee-kim_photography_006 kanghee-kim_photography_007 kanghee-kim_photography_008

All images © KangHee Kim