Casa La Quinta: A Home In Mexico Designed Around Voids

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City-based architects Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojos have designed ‘Casa La Quinta’, a home where swimming is a main attraction.

Designed for a retired couple as a getaway in central Mexico, ‘Casa La Quinta’ has comfort and relaxation at the heart of its planning. The 350-square-meter home has been arranged around three internal courtyards that offer a different view to the more traditional landscape. The largest of the patios sits at the center, and features a swimming pool with decking and hammock, the second largest features a garden, and the smallest a place for relaxation. The high walls that enclose both the property and the patios provide a calm ambience and allow privacy from tall neighboring properties. “These voids give the project its character, producing a different perception of scale to the user, a high contrast of light and shadows, spaces of silence and rest,” explain the architects in a statement about the project. The single storey home blurs boundaries between inside and outside, creating what the architects call a “social space without divisions and boundaries”. 

“These voids give the project its character...a high contrast of light and shadows, spaces of silence and rest”

All images © Rafael Gamo