A Restaurant To Be Perched On A Steep Cliff


A concept developed by chef Maria Andrea Payne, ‘Bire Bitori’ will be a restaurant located in a dramatic surrounding in The Sierra Tarahumara Mountain Range, Mexico. TALL ARQUITECTOS, a local studio responsible for the project, has showed the renderings of the impressive property.‘Bire Bitori’, which means ‘a plate’ in the indigenous Mexican language Tarahumara, will overlook a famous Copper Canyon, a valley deep up to 6,000 feet. With a big terrace and a glass, transparent floor, the place will offer an unforgettable experience and a challenge for those with fear of heights. The guests will be able to immerse themselves into the breathtaking landscape and the rich culture of the region, experiencing the whole plethora of local flavors and materials. To emphasize the restaurant’s mission, the architects made the design as simple as possible, using primarily only one building material which relates to the local rock.

All images © Biré Bitori
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