INSTA FAVS #08: Justhanni


Hanni aka Justhanni is born and raised in Denmark, and resides in the capital city of Copenhagen. His driver’s license states that he is aged 31 and his profession is civil engineering – when he is not Instagramming. – Hanni has been an avid photographer for almost 15 years, but has only been using his iPhone for photography for two.

When shooting with his iPhone 4, he likes to focus on the small details. The things that most people will overlook. But he also confesses that he is a sucker for symmetry and architecture though cars and nature have a tendency to mysteriously sneak into his feed too. Since Hanni started to use Instagram almost a year ago, he has been greatly inspired by the many talented people there. He enjoys getting an insight in locations and situations worldwide on a daily basis, through the eyes of a like-minded community. Besides a source of inspiration, Instagram has also been a creative playground for him. He experimented with the use of filters, typography and graphic design too, as an addition to ‘traditional’ photography. In the future he’d like to work more with candid photography and black and white.

Follow: @justhanni

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