Safe House


The ‘Safe House’ by polish architect Robert Konieczny took form of a cuboid in which parts of the exterior walls are movable to create a feeling of maximum security, which determined the building’s outlook and performance. When the house opens up to the garden, eastern and western side walls move towards the exterior fence creating a courtyard.

After crossing the gate one has to wait in this safety zone before being let inside the house. The innovation of this idea consists in the interference of the movable walls with the urban structure of the plot.

Besides it’s very cool and nearly ugly look when closed, it has very organic characteristics and reveals a beautiful living space when opened. During winter it acquires energy during the day or prevent the sun’s heat from going into the house in summertime. At night, when the house is closed, the thick outer layer helps the building to accumulate the gained energy. Such a solution together with the hybrid heat system and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery makes the house become an intelligent passive building. What I like best, is that every day the house acts in a similar way – it wakes up every morning to close up after the dusk. This routine reminds of the processes occurring in nature – the house resembles a plant in its day and night cycle.

All images © KWK Promes

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