Flickr Friday


Next to my home, in a somewhat decent distance is a building site. When they switch on the batch mixer in the morning and it´s starting to make that muted rushing sounds I always imagine it would be the ocean and I could hear the breakers arriving at the beach.

And I am smiling a little because it sometimes still works to have these little daydreams that filled most of my childhood and made sticks become swords and turned trees into horses and nowadays batch mixers into breakers.

Image © Thomas van der Zaag

Image © Meagan Long

Image © Hollie Fernando

Image © Lara Alegre

Image © Tania Shcheglova

Image © Stephanie Congdon Barnes

Image © Fletcher Chancey

Image © Caiti Borruso

Image © Isabella Lee

Thomas van der Zaagmeagan longholliefernandoLara Alegretania.shcheglovastephaniecbfletcherchanceycaiti borrusobellalee
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