#54 Monifaktur – My Days in Darwin


I was in Darwin, Australia for iGNANTravel and I already told you about my favourite Batik Beach and the Beer Can Regatta, that I’ve documented. Yesterday I finally picked up the photographs and sorted out and scanned some drafts of my sketchbook. So here my last output about my days in Darwin:

(Creative as I am, I called this series of photographs ‘DownUnder’)

What I didn’t know about Darwin: you better don’t go swimming in the ocean because there are many hungry saltwater crocodiles. To know and see what they were talking about I visited the Crocosaurus Cove where I got to know some pretty lazy but huge crocodiles. Amongst them was the most famous crocodile-grandpa ‘Burt’, about 80 years old, 5 meters long, about 700 kg heavy and well known through acting in ‘Crocodile Dundee’. In contrast to him I’ve also chatted with some baby crocodiles that were happily jumping around in the water.

To get an idea of the Australian Indigenous art practices which I really like I visited ‘MAGNT’, the Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory. These are sketches I’ve made while walking around in the museum:

And finally a tree that I would have loved to bring home with me.
And a girl I saw sitting strangely concentrated under it.

Thanks for your attention.
Best, Monja

For futher information about the Northern Territory, click here.

Text & pictures by Monja Gentschow

DownUnder_1DownUnder_2DownUnder_3Ornament2BurtcrocodilesOrnament1LarrakiaPeople1LarrakiaPeople2Ornament3LieblingsbaumMaedchen_unter_Baum KopieOverandOut
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