The Horsemen Of Semonkong

Through the medium of photography, Cape Town-based photographer Thom Pierce blurs the lines between fine art, portrait and documentary photography to bring to light cultural and political issues. His latest project saw him document the horsemen of Semonkong in the Kingdom of Lesotho. “The country is beautiful and I was taken aback by how majestic the men looked on their horses, like knights going in to battle,” Pierce says of his series. “Over two separate visits I spent 8 days wandering the mountains and photographing the people I came across.”

1. Thabo Lekhotsa - Ha Lesala, Lesotho 3. Thapelo Moiloa with his dog Limo - Ha Salemore, Lesotho 8 years old. Works at the weekend and owns 2 sheep. Wants to be a full time herd boy. 6. Paleho Silase - Ha Bati, Lesotho Horse - Smart 9. Lehlohonolo Phethoka - Ha Molajafe, Lesotho 20 years ild. Just arrived in Semonkong. Started at 14. Wants to be a soldier. 32 years old 29 years old 18 years old and started heding at 10. He owns 5 sheep. 31. Mamasisi and Masisi Letsapo - Mohlakeng, Lesotho horse - Lira 36. Mpho Khanyapa - Ketane, Lesotho

All images © Thom Pierce