Sant Francesc


David Closes Architects aimed to convert the demolished Sant Francesc convent, located in the small Catalan town of Santpedor into an auditorium and a multifunctional cultural facility. The intervention has consolidated the church without deleting the process of deterioration and collapse that the building had suffered.

The project has maintained the dimensions of the church interior space and, also, the unusual entries of natural light produced by partial roof collapses. Rather than reconstructing the church, the intervention has just consolidated the old fabric distinguishing clearly the new elements executed of the original ones. The renovation carried out allows to read historical wounds and the building’s most important spatial values without giving up the use of contemporary language in the new elements introduced in the intervention. In the future, a final phase will complete the project by placing a historical archive on the upper floors of the south side of the church.

All images © Jordi Surroca | Via: Notcot

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