A mole joins the German Soccer Team: Joachim Löw is pretty damn angry at the mole, who recently revealed the line up of the German National Team for the match against Greece before the game even started… and it gave me sleepless nights as well. After watching the fitfth re-run of some TV show about unsolved football fouls, I finally detected the hidden hint.

I came across the mole and convinced him to an exclusive interview. We met under the clouds of night at the current EM-onifaktur Studio, close to the ZDF football beach at Kottbuser Tor and after a long period of hesitation he finally told me about the top-secret and pretty uncommon moves for today´s match against Italy:

∆∆∆ Boateng is supposed to avert Balotelli´s offensive attacks by throwing Gina-Lisa in front of his feet.

Using complex dances inspired by wildife, Löw is working on a tactic for Mats, that is supposed to put experienced Pirlo out of sorts.

Jogi plans to let naked facts speak for themselves.

And if that should not already be enough, Özil makes the Dramatic Maki:


Let´s keep our fingers crossed,
but try to not exaggerate the situation.


The mole just tweeted this photo

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