Frank Höhne


Frank Höhne is working as a freelance illustrator in Berlin. His Daily Basics show objects he uses frequently, thus present a cross section through his life and everything he cares about. Currently he is trying to work on his volatile blood pressure, doing a lot of sports and checking the results on the hemodynamometer.

For his daughter´s sake he stopped smoking but switched to chew tobacco instead as everybody needs one truck, he explains. Sometimes he enjoys skating with his friends although he usually wont be able to move for several weeks afterwards. He needs Photoshop to color his illustrations and for work as well as pens, drawingpad and a pencil sharpener. Furthermore his red sketchbook follows him everywhere. To indulge in his passion for coffee and soups he uses the wooden spoon and the coffee filter. On his almoust antique iPod he listens mainly to classic rock and folk music. He also enjoys playing the guitar every now and then as well as the piano (which did not fit in the picture but it was there). If a new object should join his collection he would like it to last long and be practical. Frank´s favourite in the Basic collection is currently the soother for his little daughter.


frank höhnefrank höhne
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