Anne Boenisch


Anne Boenisch is a product designer, living in Berlin. The journeyman’s piece for her apprenticeship to become a carpenter, a multifunctional piece of kitchen furniture, called ‘Standby’ is still standing in her appartment in Berlin Mitte, where I visit her.

Anne always enjoyed to perform handicraft work and when she gave a mixtape to a friend as a birthday present it always came in a home made cover. During her studies of product design at Potsdam University, she learned, additionally to her work with all types of wood, to work with other materials, like plastics or metal. She made her first product designs, while attending different workshops and explored how to work with various materials as well as developing new avenues of approach. Today Anne translates her ideas into functional products like lamps, kitchen accessories, sideboards or a wardrobe. Her inspiration often comes by self-interest, she explains. Thus she is currently working on a bathroom furniture, because she was lacking one in her own appartment. For Anne, developing a product means to develop an idea by planing, testing, building and constant improvement
Except for the table mat ‘Myria’, which went in production, her pieces are all still individual items. Especially the sideboard called ‘Plissée’ drew my attention and although Anne admits that the doors are not perfectly working yet, it would be awesome to find a producer for this beautiful piece of furniture.

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze

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