Weaved Seats By Efi Ganor

From An Old Tradition To The New Industry / Rattan: Rounded; Structure: Folded and rolled metal pipes, Costume-made weaving Joints; Seat: Beech wood veneer coated in White Oak veneer lamination Weaved Seats’ is Efi Ganor’s graduation project from the holon institute of technology. The project unites and bonds tradition, shape and technology. The words ‘Weaved Seats’, together and apart, were the heart of the project. In the course of designing, I wanted to combine my concept of the natural-raw Rattan, practically and culturally, with the chair components: an encounter of shapes, functionality and comfort. As a designer I’m inspired by materials, that in our perception come from different worlds. I wanted to see if I could create a fresh bond, that is functional and contemporary, in a different context with my own personal love to details. Project Mentor: Eilon Armon photographer – Nimrod Genisher Model – Shay Castel

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