Trama Collection By AH/OK

The ‘Trama’ collection by AH/OK was shot in natural light by Claudia Zalla and styled by Studio Testo in Milan. Trama is a two tops series: neat geometric pattern created from weaving warp and weft, soft wool and pure silk. The yarn matches the softness and warmth of wool with silk, that gives to pieces a unique light and brightness.

2017-10-02_59d2055c55523_ahok-1418-new 2017-10-02_59d2055c555a4_ahok-1420-new 2017-10-02_59d2055c5560d_ahok-1483-new 2017-10-02_59d2055c55672_ahok-1502-new 2017-10-02_59d2055c556e0_ahok-1512-new 2017-10-02_59d2055c55744_ahok-1688-new