Patten Of Exploiting By Ruijing Ge

The project ‘Patten Of Exploiting’ by Ruijing Ge explores the concept of immaterial labor by photographing the phenomena of the fashion industry. The post-modern production era’s immaterial labor tries to define a whole new concept of labor and a new form of exploitation to fit for contemporary productivity, creativity, exploitation and the new framework of value production. Immaterial labor is defined as the product content and the labor of cultural content, it defines and determines the standards of culture and art, fashion, taste and the activities directed by consumers. It is no longer only the human labor cost, instead, it is more about creativity. It’s not producing just products, also a social relationship which has instantly create and transform the forms and conditions. The changing forms and conditions are coordinating the relationship between production and consumption, and also promoting the development of the fashion industry in the new era.