The Gatherer By Doliner

Many times these weeds, growing in the “wrong” places and reproducing aggressively, are treated as something undesirable that needs to be cleaned away. ‘The Gatherer’ brooch by Doliner was designed in order to give them respect and to enjoy glorifying the underdogs of the botanical world.

2017-06-12_593ee95035afb_The_Gatherer-Gili_Doliner3.jpgcopy.jpg 2017-06-12_593ee95035bc9_06-photo-by-Aya-Wind.jpg 2017-06-12_593ee95035b65_The_Gatherer.JPG 2017-06-12_593ee95035c29_08-photo-by-Aya-Wind.jpg 2017-06-12_593ee95035ce9_photo-by-Aya-Wind.jpg 2017-06-12_593ee95035c8a_09photo-by-Aya-Wind.jpg