SEGMENTS By Angela Willemsen

“SEGMENTS is a series of decorative wall objects. By creating shadows they add a dynamic element to the often static interior. The wall objects interact with the existing natural- and artificial light by partially blocking it, forming a shadow that in a sense completes the shape of the object. Every moment of the day the objects will show a unique silhouette on the wall. SEGMENTS consists of three shapes in two sizes: a semi-circle, a triangle and a rectangle, with which the user is able to form their own composition.”

2016-11-01_58186ff4dd07a_SEGMENTS_1_Triangle_CarraraMarble_AngelaWillemsen.jpg 2016-11-01_58186ff4dd0ea_SEGMENTS_2_Semi-circle_AnrochterGrunstein_AngelaWillemsen.jpg 2016-11-01_58186ff4dd1b5_SEGMENTS_AllShapes_1_AngelaWillemsen.jpg 2016-11-01_58186ff4dd150_SEGMENTS_6.2_Rectangle_BelgianBluestone_AngelaWillemsen.jpg 2016-11-01_58186ff4dd216_SEGMENTS_closeup_AngelaWillemsen.jpg 2016-11-01_58186ff4dd279_SEGMENTS_semi-circle_AnrochterGrunstein_1_AngelaWillemsen.jpg