Cymatics Series By Hitencho

The ‘CYMATICS Series, Visualize A Sound’ by Hitencho is a scientific phenomenon, visualizing a sound that enables us to reveal things we could not see. It also presents itself to us as a living pattern of motion which is revealed in. When liquids are made to vibrate, very unusual patterns result.

2017-06-21_594a1844d9bb6_JSH_170110_1386-1500w.jpg 2017-06-21_594a1844d9c29_JSH_1701061304-Pano-34-1500w.jpg 2017-06-21_594a1844d9c92_JSH_1701061852-150w.jpg 2017-06-21_594a1844d9cf7_JSH_1701065227-1500w.jpg 2017-06-21_594a1844d9d5a_JSH_1701066092_C-1500w.jpg 2017-06-21_594a1844d9dbc_JSH_1701066206-Pano_C-1500w.jpg