Camille Robiou du Pont

My name is Camille, I’m a 24-year-old photographer, born in France but living in Shanghai since almost 4 years. I got a master’s degree in graphic design, but about a two years ago, I started working as a camera operator and editor in an advertising agency. My background as a graphic designer does help me a lot in the composition of my pictures. You will find inclosed a selection of my film photography wich represent the best my universe. I peg travel, nature and femininity as my three main sources of inspiration, and my entire body of work is a nod to these influences. I’m working with a film camera Canon A1, a 50mm 1.4 and usually I use fujifilm 200,

2016-01-07_568e67e569f1b_Camillerdp_2.jpg 2016-01-07_568e67e569eaf_Camillerdp_4.jpg 2016-01-07_568e67e569fe0_Camillerdp_1.JPG 2016-01-07_568e67e569f7f_Camillerdp_3.JPG 2016-01-07_568e67e56a0ad_Camillerdp_6.png 2016-01-07_568e67e56a03f_Camillerdp_11.jpg