Chariots Of Frolic By Sameer Raichur

This project by Sameer Raichur features a series of portraits of cars used as chariots in wedding processions. Chariots are viewed as vehicles with divine associations. Their use in public processions elevates the human activity presented to a mythic status.

2018-02-28_5a96878e7868f_sameer_raichur_1of13 2018-02-28_5a96878e786ef_sameer_raichur_3of13 2018-02-28_5a96878e78746_sameer_raichur_6of13 2018-02-28_5a96878e7879b_sameer_raichur_9of13 2018-02-28_5a96878e787ef_sameer_raichur_11of13 2018-02-28_5a96878e78841_sameer_raichur_13of13