Apical Reform/AR Studio

Apical Reform/AR Studio: Five years ago we started with a modest establishment and having grown organically it was soon evident that we’d need more space in our studio to accommodate the growing ambit. Ergo, we decided to build one for ourselves: a studio that speaks of and adheres to our design sensibilities and evolves with us through the years to come. The ground floor holds a globally present children’s fitness center while the AR studio is housed across the entire first floor. Both spaces boast of separate entrances, split under a shaded drop off area. The project posed an interesting challenge initially : to derive an architectural form which seamlessly merges two diversely functioning entities. The functions of the structure dictated that large clear volumes allowing in plenty of natural light throughout the running hours of the day be conceived, thus anchoring the vertical scale of the building form. We had been playing with the idea of a fabric-like envelope for the core form.

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