Jaransanitwong Archery Club By Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

The ‘Jaransanitwong Archery Club’ by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated is a building of 650 square metres. The entire space is divided into two parts: the front of the building serves as a reception and an office, each of them located on different floors, while the back is an archery ground with shooting lines and targets. Except for the building structure, this archery club is composed of a number of different kinds of non-permanent materials such as cement fiber board on straight and curve walls, crushed rocks on a target ground and wire mesh fence. Both the inside and the outside are covered by navy blue acrylic paint, contrasting with the semi-polished concrete floor. The building appearance reflects an attempt to lessen friction, tension, force and shock the energies that fly all over the archery ground. Rounded corners and twisted planes reduces sharp angles while creating fluidity of joining and expansion of building form. The striking color of the building is the most outstanding feature. It breaks a sense of enclosure of this highly safe archery ground by transforming its environment into a sense of celebration.