Work Space By Clap Studio

Clap Studio started this project with four keywords that this interior design must meet: comfort, teamwork, rest and game. The studio worked with the client to ensure keeping an equal emphasis on work and rest in the space. The main goal was to create a new work experience that would host an appropriate and adaptable space for each moment. A load bearing wall divides the 300 square meters in two areas. Taking advantage of the structural division, the space is split up in a rest area and a work zone with more natural light. This differentiation of spaces has been emphasized through coating materials and its tonalities. In the rest area, each detail has been designed to get relaxed and disconnect from work by using cold tones and materials. In the work area the focus is the teamwork, encouraged by warm materials and multi-purpose spaces. This area has two offices placed next to the glazed façade, separated by a big sliding door which connects both spaces and turn them into a big meeting room. The open area placed inside the work side is a coworking space with perimetral sofas and a little coffee corner. There are also two interior offices with polycarbonate walls which allow privacy but also allow natural light to enter into the space. This two interior offices are designed to be temporary personal offices.