House BL By Hugo Monte

Despite located in a rural context of complex characterization the ‘BL House’ designed by Hugo Monte develops a true relation with the exterior surroundings through an extended patio that leads to a plateau where we can gather around a bonfire. the entrance in space and amplitude suggests the remaining spaces and combines the three floors in a straightforward way

2017-09-19_59c1a710cd84d_JM_CasaBL_020 2017-09-19_59c1a710cd8c0_JM_CasaBL_062 2017-09-19_59c1a710cd944_JM_CasaBL_085 2017-09-19_59c1a710cd9ad_JM_CasaBL_163 2017-09-19_59c1a710cda13_JM_CasaBL_225 2017-09-19_59c1a710cda7b_JM_CasaBL_260