Church By Messner Architects

The church in Stella is an appreciated spiritual place for people from far and wide, not least because it is located along the popular Sigmund Freud path in the alpine woods at 1300 m.a.s.l. The conversion and renovation of the building dating back to the fifties is aimed at reevaluating the existing structure and making it more attractive. The main focus of the modification by Messner Architects is in achieving a friendly and inviting atmosphere and a well-defined architectural structure. In the end only two architectural interventions determine the conversion of the church in the wood. On one hand it is the breakthrough of the sacred space to the landscape, on the other hand it is the opening of the gable to the piazza. Both interventions trigger off a dialogue between inside and outside, in other words between the man-made and the grown. Ease and coziness inspirit the tend-like meditation space. Brightness and peace ensoul the sacred space.