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The Beauty Of Balance: Richard Stampton Designs An Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Studio In Melbourne

Simhanada Ashtanga Yoga
Rory Gardiner

Melbourne architect Richard Stampton has facilitated the renovation of a heritage-listed building in the suburb of Collingwood, reimagining the Victorian-era space as ‘Simhanada’; an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga studio.

By utilizing materials such as concrete, steel, and glass in their raw or unfinished states, the redesign of the space offers a sense of tranquility and calm without being removed from nature. The design, Stampton explained in an interview with Broadsheet, “is based around the idea of grounding… the space needed to be solid and strong, but also give light. It was a balancing act, just like in yoga.” The studio is split across two levels, with the ground floor housing an entry area and the upper, teaching rooms. The luminous atrium and entrance is fit with large granite boulders and an angular metal staircase; a fitting welcome to a space that wishes to be both grounded and weightless.

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