Heima’s MUDU Mirror


Lithuanian architecture and design studio Heima developed a mirror named ‘MUDU’ which stands out due to a sculptural silhouette when viewed from any angle. Created for design brand jot.jot, the freestanding object appears like a common oval-shaped mirror featuring a painted steel framework, a glacier white Corian back with oak wood accents, and a full, round shape inspired by the full moon. The design studio used computer numerically controlled technology to produce a mould for the mirror’s conical shell. After, Corian was heated until it became flexible, placed into the conical mould with a vacuum press.

The MUDU mirror is large enough to reflect the full body or the vastness of an entire room, characterized by a delicate, sleek, and uncompromising structure. Its unusual shape is designed to be “observed from all sides”, and to fit into every kind of interior, whether classic homes or industrial lofts.

“We approached it as a piece of furniture rather than a house accessory”, said Heima.

All images © jot.jot

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