Photographer Guillaume Amat Creates Serene Landscape Photos With A Mirror


For his series ‘Open Fields‘, French photographer Guillaume Amat questions the concept of space and perception by capturing landscape photos with a mirror. Performed with a 4 x 5 inch camera and 6 × 7 medium format, not only does he create multiple compositions, but explores the limits of the photographic frame.

Living and working in Paris, Amat enables a double interpretation of his photographs with this personal project. On his website, it says that he was inspired by the Greek Myth ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ in which the topic of looking forward and backward is central to the story.

All images © Guillaume Amat | Via: Tiz Creel

©Guillaume Amat00©Guillaume Amat01©Guillaume Amat02©Guillaume Amat03©Guillaume Amat04©Guillaume Amat05©Guillaume Amat06©Guillaume Amat07©Guillaume Amat08©Guillaume Amat09©Guillaume Amat11©Guillaume Amat12©Guillaume Amat13Making-Off Open Fields /#2 Le Calvaire des Dunes.
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