Press Mirror By Philippe Malouin

Press Mirror
Philippe Malouin

Named Press Mirror, this minimal mirror was created by London-based designer Philippe Malouin for the online design shop Umbra Shift. This freestanding structure is made from a single metal cylinder that has been flattened and polished at one end. By burnishing the flattened surface, Malouin made a reflective top that doubles as a mirror. Its cylindrical base seamlessly transitions into a planar surface and allows users to easily grip the piece to use it as a hand mirror or as a sculpture that can be positioned on top of flat furniture. Due to the nature of its production, all steel tubes have slight differentials in their composition, so each mirror will have slightly varying compositions.
Philippe Malouin‘s mirror originated from pure coincidence when he pressed a metal tube into a vice while he constructed a shelf bracket. By using a similar process, the tube’s flatten side is polished until reflective. The result sculpts a unique mirror that seamlessly blends artistry with functionality.

All images © Philippe Malouin

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