Danny Lowe’s Self Identity


London-based, North Yorkshire-born photographer Danny Lowe focuses on portrait and fashion photography, featured in magazines such as Dazed & Confused and i-D. In collaboration with hair stylist James Oxley, Danny’s latest series titled ‘Self Identity’ shows a selection of black and white close-up shots of male models.
“Whenever I go out in London especially in East London, I am surrounded by creative people,” Danny explains. “You tend to see more openminded ideas here when it comes to fashion and style. That’s where I noticed how many different styles of haircut people have.”
Danny wanted to create visually interesting photographs with hair cuts as the main subject. All the young male models have an individual look and style, the hair cut sets people apart. The intention of these series was not to capture classic beauty models, but rather to show the close friendship and the strong family feel the photographer has with his models.

All images © Danny Lowe

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