Surreal Black And White Portraits By Noell Oszvald


Hungarian visual artist Noell Oszvald created a series of striking black and white portraits with a surreal touch. The images feature shadowy figures in quiet backgrounds and are reminiscent of shots from Ingmar Bergman’s psychological drama ‘Persona‘. Although the 24-year-old artist doesn’t identify as a photographer, she uses photography as a basis for her images.

All images © Noell Oszvald

Noell Oszvald_Photography_1Noell Oszvald_Photography_2Noell Oszvald_Photography_3Noell Oszvald_Photography_4Noell Oszvald_Photography_5Noell Oszvald_Photography_6Noell Oszvald_Photography_7Noell Oszvald_Photography_8Noell Oszvald_Photography_9Noell Oszvald_Photography_10Noell Oszvald_Photography_11Noell Oszvald_Photography_12
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