BMW Museum · Beijing, China

Opened in August this year in Beijing, China and designed by Crossboundaries, BMW Museum confronts the exclusive quality of the vintage cars with modern, futuristic interior – with references to Chinese aesthetic heritage.

“The red pieces of fabric reference traditional Chinese archways and indicate generosity.”
The museum features a collection of historic BMW cars showcased in a glossy, white surrounding. The exhibition starts at the third floor of a newly built building. Its walls are decorated with horizontal light strips that reflect the speed of a car. To make the sterile space more cozy, architects from Crossboundaries draped it with semi-transparent panels of white and red material. The red pieces of fabric reference traditional Chinese archways and indicate generosity. They can also serve as a projection space for the multimedia presentations. The fourth floor of the museum is accessed via a freestanding staircase and offers a different architectural experience. It showcases more car models than on the third floor, hence the key design here is the exhibition display. The space is structured by the several long platforms out of white back painted glass surfaces with integrated stainless steel strips and edges. At the end of the exhibition area, there’s a movie theater, game room and an exhibition display for smaller items – also shown on glossy white display plinths.


All images © Yang Chao Ying