Felice Varini Meets Le Corbusier


Swiss artist Felice Varini is mostly known for his geometric perspective-localized paintings in rooms and other spaces. This summer, Paris-based artist has showcased his open-air installations at an exhibition at Ora Ito’s MAMO art center in Marseilles. The show, named ‘À ciel ouvert’, was located on the roof of the Le Corbusier-designed Cité Radieuse. Varini has covered the whole terrace of the building with three pieces, creating different viewpoints. Having worked within Corbusier’s architecture for the first time, the artist was enthusiastic about the experience: “This place is a landmark, a huge influence. It is a true microcosm, designed as a small city with its range of complex volumes, a small city with a view over the large city of Marseille. It is extremely exciting!”


All images © Olivier Amsellem

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