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The Art Of Taking Time To Create


This week marked the launch of our first iGNANT Issue: ‘The Art Of Waiting’. This time, we wanted to show you the topic not simply interpreted through the body of art, but rather reflected in one artist’s overall practice.

The creative process takes nothing but the utmost level of patience – one that becomes an art form in itself.So far, you can see the exclusive editorial on the topic, read about the men who, in placing their bets, wait patiently for their lucky day to come, and contemplate the notion of time with our think piece. Although the subject matter of the Welsh artist Ben Johnson‘s hyperreal paintings is architecture, the creative process takes nothing but the utmost level of patience – one that becomes an art form in itself. Johnson has been painting the panoramas of the world’s biggest cities as well as monumental interiors since 1967. As most hyperreal images, his painting feature tens of thousands of intricate details which – along with the artist’s perfectionism – can extend the creation process up to 17 years for a single artwork. Through his practice, Johnson searches for tranquility and peace. Asked why he actually undertakes such a time-consuming process, he says: “It’s what I do, I mean, I’ve been doing this for so long […] It’s a way to keep myself sane.”



All images © Ben Johnson