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A Cuboid Home Reflecting The Desert


Chen + Suchart Studio have built the 280 sq m ‘Staab residence’ in the desert landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona.

“The strategy of the cladding for this volume was to create an envelope that would best absorb the environment.”This futuristic-looking house consists of three volumes, across which the different living areas are spread out. Offering space on two levels, the Staab residence is completed by a patio, a spacious yard and an inviting pool. A separate garage building is also part of the project. The studio’s intention was to preserve the privacy of the inhabitants whilst establishing an open home with a view of the McDowell Mountains.

The ground floor of the main building is composed of sand-blasted CMU block masonry walls. The kitchen, dining room, living room and three guest rooms are located on this level. Through sliding glass doors, borders between the inside and the outside become blurred. The top level is a cantilevering glass and stainless steel volume where master bedroom, bathroom and an office are situated. “The strategy of the cladding for this volume was to create an envelope that would best absorb the environment and allow for a varying perception of color and finish throughout the day”, said the architects. By reflecting light and nature, this luxurious home fuses with the surrounding countryside.

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