04 House Day 10_Architektur_Volcano_House

A Dome Shaped House In The Middle Of The Desert


Built in 1968, architect Harold Bissner Jr. created a home, reminding of a spaceship based on a lonely planet.“The Volcano House” owes its name from the 150-foot volcanic cinder cone, located in Newberry Springs, California, about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The 2,206 square-foot mid-century home shows sliding glass doors leading to multiple viewing decks. For an even better view, there is an observation platform on top of the dome that allows a 360-degree view over the desert. The interior features an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings. Two full bathrooms and two bedrooms are filled with sunlight through the sized floor-to-ceiling windows. The design was inspired by the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, a nuclear plant in northwestern San Diego county.

02 House Day 7_Architektur_Volcano_House
07 House Day 3_Architektur_Volcano_House
12 Living 4_Architektur_Volcano_House
10 House Sunset 1_Architektur_Volcano_House
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08 View Day 3_Architektur_Volcano_House
04 House Day 10_Architektur_Volcano_House
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16 House Night 2_Architektur_Volcano_House
17 Deck Night 1_Architektur_Volcano_House
15 Sunset 8_Architektur_Volcano_House
18 Sunset 5_Architektur_Volcano_House

All images © Lance Gerber

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