An Elegant Residence In Melbourne


Located in Melbourne, Australia, LSD Residence was designed for a couple of soon-to-be empty nesters, providing them a comfortable and refined space to rest and socialize with friends.

“The kitchen’s design proves to be a novel element in LSD Residence.”The house features a stark façade that, depending on the light and time of the day, either blends with the surroundings or emerges from the view of the street. “The kitchen’s design proves to be a novel element in LSD Residence,” says architect Robert Davidov. As the clients required a public kitchen or bar exposed in a way to create a natural hub in case of the guests’ visit. However, they also wanted a private kitchen space, where the cooking or cleaning would take place. The result is a butler’s kitchen placed in close distance to the central island in the open kitchen area. In addition to the clever kitchen solution, Davidov Partners Architects also included full-height windows in the master bedroom, designing it in the style of an open plan hotel suite. The room also features a sophisticated shower, situated behind the concrete curved wall, animating the building’s façade.

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